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I am the prettiest

Eriola Jade
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My name is Eriola Jade. (Air-ee-OH-la, Airy Hola!) I am the world's fastest pregnant woman. And I used to be one of the most beautiful women in the entire world, until an unfortunate accident marred my face forever. So now I wear veils to hide my scarred countenance, but you can still see the inherent beauty through my beautiful brown eyes. I am engaged to be the wife of Beauregard Abernathy the THIRD (!!!!), and I am currently carrying his beautiful twin children, who are most definitely not possessed by either of the two evil spirits traveling with my party of adventurers. We travel Lannet on a top-secret quest to restore magic to the world, although I am also on a personal quest to find a cure for my beloved Beaubie, who is currently brain-damaged and stuck back with his terrible evil birth mother, who is a righteous bitch. I am a follower of Alara, my patron goddess. Oh, and I'm freakin' awesome.