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Sun, Sep. 23rd, 2007, 09:31 pm
Hrmm, its been almost a week so I've forgotten some things.

Dearest Diary,
Only you can understand my emo-goth-teen pain and angst! Oh, the horror.
No, I'm just kidding you. Today went pretty well. Except for the mercy-killings. That, I could have done without.

Sedge and I went and looked around, looking for Eeeevil (now deceased) Dude's Eeeevil Hideout. We searched pretty good. Ali wouldn't let us light shit on fire. Had she let us light shit on fire, I think we could have found more. Xandessa did a lot of loud sighing. She does that a lot, though. I think it's her way of trying not to kill me. Sedge and I had sex in Evil Dude's bedroom. Sedge mentioned a loose rock on the floor. I kicked it. Turns out it was a hidey-hole. But nothing good in there. Just a stupid ugly bracelet and some boring papers written in some sort of code. Ali was a bitch and wouldn't let us try on the bracelet. God, she is such a bitch.

Speaking of mean bitches, Ali now has the Silk Lady in her head. Yeah. I can't tell who's bitchier. Or who has tried to kill me more often.

I also cleaned up the citadel, some. Got Sedge to go down to the river and fill the cisterns so I could clean out the Unhuman Creepy Minion's lair. If I ever get evil (more evil, I mean) and decide to create human-wolf hybrids to do my evil bidding, I am totally going to make sure they are potty-trained. Potty-training is the first things I'm going to teach the babies. No diapers for my babies! Boy oh boy, I just can't wait to be a mommy.

Oh yeah. Ali says that the Silk Lady says that Horace is dying. Boy, that sucks. I kind of got uncustomed accosted accusted accused accusted used to his greasy bald head.

Oops, gotta go, I think I saw something shiny. I love shinies!